Monday, April 8, 2013

For the coming two weeks  Monika Auch's woven "embryological objects" and wall panels can be seen displayed in our window. 

Using silkscreen printing techniques and a computer controlled loom to create her pieces, Monika feels that her hands are the connection between machine, knowledge and imagination.

Her medical background is evident in her detailed textile work, which is often suggestive of the growth patterns found through the lens of a microscope. For her, the world of art and medicine are intextricably bound together with both professions requiring the same core skills: a knack of understanding humans and their environment, heightened haptic senses and well-developed spatial orientation.

This presentation is a foretaste for a solo exhibition in May 2014 when she intends to transform Gallery Zone into a weaving studio where visitors will be able to explore for themselves the "intelligence of their hands".

Visit her website for more information on her fascinating work:

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