Monday, February 22, 2010

March is “contemporary textiles” month at
Galerie Zône
Nieuwstraat 17b
2312 KA Leiden
The Netherlands
tel: + 31 (0)715126307

Galerie Zône is a collectively run gallery for contemporary applied crafts. Situated in the centre of the ancient city of Leiden, its members work in the varying disciplines of ceramics, furniture making, glass, jewellery, lighting and textiles all of which is on show at the gallery.
From 24th to 28th March 2010 a large Textile Festival is being held in Leiden. Among the many activities on offer is a ‘textile route’ through the city, in which Galerie Zône will be participating.
Leading up to, and during, this festival, the gallery is paying extra attention to textiles. From March 7th the wonderful batiks and quilts of 3 Belgian based textile artists – Jette Clover, Hélène de Ridder and Rita Trefois – are on show under the heading "Kleine Berichten - GROTE VERHALEN" (Short messages – LONG STORIES).
The spotlight will also be on the 3 Zône members who work with textiles. Frans Beelen makes unique and exotic jewellery from an unusual combination of textiles, beads, feathers, minerals, shells and other found materials. Helen van den Brink uses rope and braid to create her inimitable bags, vases and body ornaments. Dorothy Wedderburn uses surface design techniques (dying, printing, and stitching) to pattern and distort cloth which then she uses to make jackets, scarves and lamps.

To complete the emphasis on textiles during this period there will be additional work from ‘guest makers’ on sale. Veronica Pock constructs woven and knitted textiles for accessories and interior design items while Leonie van Poecke felts wool and silk together to create beautiful scarves, hats and bags.

Wednesday – Friday 12.00 – 18.00pm
Saturday 10.00 – 17.00pm
Sunday 13.00 – 17.00pm

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