Sunday, March 4, 2012

Festival Iberia ‘Georgia: Local Time’
23-25 March 2012, Leiden, Keukenhof, Texel

NOT TO MISS: a blend of Georgian arts and cultural experiences back in the Netherlands from 23 till 25 March. Georgian polyphonic chant, percussion, fine arts, photography, traditional crafts and exciting workshops are to be enjoyed in Leiden, Keukenhof and Texel.

The festival program consists of three main parts:
·      Three concerts of breath-taking polyphonic chant performed by the public favourites – the Georgian national ensemble Rustavi
·      Exhibitions of Georgian paintings, crafts and photography presented in four Leiden galleries
·      Workshops in polyphonic chant and percussion

23 March 17:00 
Opening of the art exhibition in Leiden galleries Frederiek van der Vlist, Zone, Kunsthuizen, Patries van Dorst.

Addresses: Frederiek van der Vlist: Nieuwe Rijn 26 /
 Zone: Nieuwstraat 17b / Kunsthuizen: Hartesteeg 2b / Patries van Dorst: Herengracht 40

Free entrance

Friday, March 2, 2012

Eleonora Tammes

Our guest exhibiting artist in March is Eleonora Tammes. 
She says her paintings on paper "investigate the complexities and subtleties found within pattern. To understand a pattern is to appreciate it as a finger print of pressure and the system’s state of balance. Utilizing processes of repetition, deformation and mark-making, her work records physical and emotional forcings that compete for space and influence. Like individuals forming an audience, or atoms a mineral lattice, grapevines a vineyard and bricks a wall, I build assemblages of graphical elements characterized by regular and irregular patterns. These patterns reflect my love of construction and express aspects inherent to entities composed of smaller units, such as process, purpose, function, mode, belonging, limitations and flux."