Sunday, April 28, 2013

Work by Gonny Stuut

is on show in galerie Zone from 1st to the 31st May 


In her paintings the human being, in particular the human face, is central; however they are not portraits. Using 'classical' oilpainting techniques Gonny creates autonomous images of faces which, through their direct confrontation with the viewer, are immedietely recognisable to everyone. 

The opening is on Sunday 5th May  at 14.00 o' clock. Everyone is welcome!

Opening times Galerie Zône:
Wednesday to Friday 12.00-18.00
Saturday 10.00-17.00
Sunday 13.00-17.00

Monday, April 8, 2013

For the coming two weeks  Monika Auch's woven "embryological objects" and wall panels can be seen displayed in our window. 

Using silkscreen printing techniques and a computer controlled loom to create her pieces, Monika feels that her hands are the connection between machine, knowledge and imagination.

Her medical background is evident in her detailed textile work, which is often suggestive of the growth patterns found through the lens of a microscope. For her, the world of art and medicine are intextricably bound together with both professions requiring the same core skills: a knack of understanding humans and their environment, heightened haptic senses and well-developed spatial orientation.

This presentation is a foretaste for a solo exhibition in May 2014 when she intends to transform Gallery Zone into a weaving studio where visitors will be able to explore for themselves the "intelligence of their hands".

Visit her website for more information on her fascinating work:

It's April and our artist this month is Sylvia ten Kley.

Her finely drawn pencil and needlework on paper are meant to be viewed from nearby, and pull the viewer in to an almost intimate experience.

Colour plays a subdued yet subtle role in these works - the needlework is white, representing lightness; the pencil drawing is dark: heaviness.

Her etchings are more decorative, and in these she has allowed colour into her work.

All of her work is made to be looked at closely. It radiates a tranquil simplicity which invites one to take a step back from the rush of daily life and spend a few moments in quiet contemplation.

Have a look at her work on her website:

The opening was on 7th April and her work remains on show until the end of the month.
For more information visit our website

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Frans Beelen, jewellery-maker and member of our Zone collective, spent 3 years working on a series of work inspired by the life and paintings of Vincent Van Gogh. As a culmination to these 3 years she was invited in February 2012 to spend a month as artist-in-residence in the guest atelier of the Van Goghuis museum in Zundert (Van Gogh’s birthplace) where she completed this series of 24 unique pieces: 16 neckpieces, 3 brooches and 5 rings. A highlight is the neckpiece “for Van Gogh’s mother” which has been taken into the permanent collection of the VanGoghuis museum. (see this blog january 2012)

In January 2013 Boster Publishers brought out the book  "Frans Beelen bezoekt van Gogh" in which photographs of all 24 pieces are shown, together with the paintings and writing by Van Gogh which inspired them.

From 30th March 2013 the whole series will go on show in the Vincentre, Nuenen (the place where Vincent Van Gogh painted his ‘Potato Eaters’ in 1885.

However we at Zone are proud to announce that from 7th to 23rd March 2013 there will be a special preview show in Galerie Zone, Leiden

To celebrate this we are having the opening on the evening of March 7th from 19.00 to 21.00 o' clock
You are all welcome!!

For those who can’t make it to the opening, we are open Wednesday to Friday 12.00 – 18.00, Saturday 10.00 – 17.00 and Sunday 13.00 – 17.00

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Yuriko Miyoshi Exhibits in Galerie Zône

Nieuwstraat 17b, 2312 KA  Leiden
071-512 63 07,

1 to 31 March 2013
Opening on Sunday 3 March
14.00 – 16.00

Yuriko Miyoshi is a graphic artist (etcher) pur sang. She has a Japanese diploma degree in the visual arts (MA). She participated in various International Print Projects, such as in Japan, Belgium, Portugal, the Baltic countries and the Netherlands. Yuriko's prints are in private collections and also in public collections such as the British Museum in London. Since 2003 she lives in the Netherlands. She makes very fine work in which several themes come forward: travel, musical instruments, maps, memories. She forges details from various images together into a new image. Since 2002 in this way a new reality of Japan and the Netherlands arises in her Land Series, the Dutch landscape viewed through Japanese eyes and translated into wonderful color etchings.
In collaboration with Ad Stijnman she made three prints inspired by the Great Earthquake in eastern Japan on 11 March, 2011. The Sakura (cherry blossom) and the colours in these prints are soothing with hope that all will be well again.

You are very welcome

Opening hours Galerie Zône:
Wednesday to Friday 12.00-18.00
Saturday 10.00-17.00
Sunday 13.00-17.00

During the exhibition at Galerie Zône, some prints will be sold for the special price of 33 euro because on 3/3 it is Hina-matsuri - a Japanese holiday that is important for girls. 
And… 13 March is Yuriko's birthday!!

for more information about Yuriko's work please go to her blog

Thursday, January 31, 2013

From 1st to 28th February we will be exhibiting work by the well known and highly respected contemporary Polish artist Wieslaw Skibinski..
Living and working in Poland he is at home with various mediums, such as painting, drawing, photography and animation,  however graphics remains his most important means of expression. Wieslaw’s prints captivate the viewer by the deceptive simplicity of the forms he creates, - within which he uses undulating decorative lines to give an enormous wealth of detail - and by his unusual use of a broad colour palette; from powerful black or red to subtle, almost monochromatic pastel tints.
Each one of Wieslaw’s prints is unique and recognisable.

Here in The Netherlands his prints are represented in the graphics collection of Stichting Witryna who have helped to make this exhibition possible.

The opening is on Sunday 3rd February. Everyone is welcome!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The first artist to exhibit with us in 2013 is Oesje Zegel (Harlingen 1948)

In her oilpaintings she creates her own mysterious world with themes based on sea- and land-scapes, still-lifes, church interiors and pilgrimages.
Her Dutch landscapes seem threatening and desolate, reflecting winter's icy coldness...... in her other wok she plays with lightness and depth to create an enigmatic atmosphere.

Oesje's work is on show until the end of January at Galerie Zone, Nieuwestraat 17b, Leiden
for more information: