Monday, August 1, 2011


Its summertime and finally today there actually was some sun. However, despite the grey skies outdide, inside Galerie Zone it is definitely summer!

Our newest members are Nellie van der Knaap (whose flowery porcelain mugs have a lovely summery feel to them) and Reinhilde van der Klught (who makes unusual and delicate jewelry, as well as handbags). Do look at their work on our website under 'leden' (Dutch for 'members').

Ria van der Linden, from the silk-screen company 'Zeebra', is currently with us for a trial period. Her collection of hand-printed curtains, cushions, tablecloths and t-shirts have been an immediate hit - and she is also happy to work to commission, creating for example individual designs for curtains to suit the customers wishes.

And of course..... we have a new board hanging outside.....
so we hope to see you soon in Galerie Zone!