Sunday, May 9, 2010

On June 12th a representative of the Netherlands Embassy in Sweden will open a Dutch/ Swedish exhibition at the Kaleido Gallery in Uppsala, Sweden.
Entitled "The Red Thread", this is a joint enterprise between the members of two artists collectives - Zone and Kaleido (, and is the result of two years hard work by Annica Delfos (Zone) and Maria Lewis (Kaleido). Thanks to them members of both collectives have produced a variety of exciting work which can be seen together first in Gallery Kaleido, Uppsala, from June 12 2010, and then from September in Gallery Zone in Leiden.
It is also thanks to Annica and Maria that both the Netherlands and the Swedish Embassies have given financial support to this project, enabling an idea to become a reality.

Watch this space for pfotos of the opening in Sweden, and for news of the opening in Leiden (September 5th 2010).
The furniture and ceramics of husband and wife team Stefan and Nesrin During have been on display in Galerie Zone since the beginning of April. Stefan's furniture can be seen until the end of July, while Nesrin's ceramics are here until the end of May.
Of course the work of Zone-member Frida van der Poel, such as her 'red box' shown here, is permanently on display in the gallery, and continues to delight visitors with its quirkiness. Often featuring long spindly legs, and unexpected angles, it sometimes seems as though her furniture is about to start dancing.
And last, but not least, the furniture of Edward Meijer is also on show until August, and maybe for longer. A picture of his work will follow here shortly!